Tailored Loan Programs for What Matters Most to You

Our exclusive yacht lending solutions are designed specifically for you, your assets, your lifestyle and your personal situation.

Whether you are a first time boat buyer, an existing yacht owner looking to refinance, or are in the market to upgrade to a newer or larger yacht, our loan programs are designed to offer you the most attractive of options. Explore some of the ways you can live out your dreams with Luxury Financial Group as your partner.

2021 Pardo 38′


*representative yacht loan



$720 K


$512 K
at 6.9%



Marine loans are luxury consumer loans which are different from needs based loans such as homes and cars.

Luxury Financial Group spends a great deal of time with prospects and clients educating them on the parameters of yacht lending. Providing financial insight to clients, allows for ease of process, faster underwriting and more attractive loan program offerings.

Luxury Financial Group has worked with clients up to two years prior before clients have purchased vessels. We are here for the long term and invest our vast experience into our clients and provide support for luxury lending.

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